Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remembrance !

March 13, 1996
5:30 am
He woke up early in the wee hours of morning to complete of study for the exam that was about to start in next few days.More then the study he wanted to pretend that he has completed his study has earned his right to watch India -Srilanka Semifinal at Eden Garden.This encounter has been loomin large in his mind since the day india beat Pakistan at high velocity encounter at Bangalore.He saw his granny performing pooja and silently slips in beside her to do his part for the match.Meanwhile granny also did her part for the match silently.

10:30 pm
He came back to his room utterly disappointed.He could not understand why this happens to him everytime.Suddenly the realisation of the loss and exams started looming large in front of him and he was on the brink of nervous breakdown.He wanted to do something outrageous.He opened his shirt and threw it towards almirah.Unknowing it hit the wire connecting the room heater placed in top of almirah.Of all places it came crashing down and hit granny leg which started bleeding.Seeing all this his father came rushing in and planted fivee fingers on his rather disheartened face.

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