Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hypo-theatronomics -I

"Its hypothetical situation which can happen to anybody in a day to day ramblings that seems rather normal but can be viewed from a different perspective,more inclined towards a humorous one !"

Chanced encounter of a different kind!

Subordinate went to Restroom to wash his face. He has trying to fight back sleep for last 1 hour after coming from Lunch. After spending 2 years in IT he has become averse to movement of any kind.He thought of utilising his visit to rest room by taking a leak though their is no serious urge of any kind.

In walked 'Senior Manager'(in mid 30s,severly fighting mid life crisis) trying to give a stern look desperately trying to hide the emotion trauma he went through while getting serious flak from director.

He tried to follow urinal protocal but there was drainage problem in rightmost one out of 4 and reluctently decided to stand in the chamber next to subordinate.

Senior Manager : Sup...Dude?? (Manager tring to act cool and showing he can still manage to stand on lower side of hill number 30 )

Subordinate looked up from his deep slumber concentration and looked towards Manager. Both understood after looking at each other eyes how productive last 1 hour has been since lunch.

Subordinate : Its going gud !( Answered with a smile..wanted to add Man/Sir but could not utter. He is wondering what made senior manager speak to him for the first time in 2 years that too at this place).

S Manager : Howz work ?

Subordinate : Its going gud !!( Wondering what is the difference between first and second question)

S Manager : U from Delhi right?? (Thinking every north indian is from Delhi)

Subordinate : No..I am from Amritsar...Punjab (Thinking why is he asking so many questions that too at a place where both of them are holding their respective thing).

S Manager : So How u liking Bangalore ?? (Wondering why north Indians come to Bangalore to take away local jobs)

Subordinate : Its nice !!( thinking...should he tell about water problem he is facing in his rented accommodation since last 2 months).

S Manager : Hmmm... (Sadistically smiling and nodding his head after looking at the ceiling as if he just cracked Theory of Relativity).

Senior Manager leave the place after a brief shaking of his thing. He washed hands and spent some time checking his belly and turned sidewise to check whether there is any increment if any and felt disapointed.Subordinate joined him at hand wash concentrating more on his hand then any other part of his body.

Senior Manager left the place in hurry just remembering he has a con-call to attend in 5 minutes.


Next day morning Subordinate got a mail from senior manager congratulating him for his new promotion to become a manager as previous manager has resigned one week back !

Later same week he was summoned to Senior Manager Cabin where senior manager asked him to maintain same level of proficiency and honesty towards work that he has been showing for last 2 years.

Subordinate was flummoxed but still had to gave party to his friends that costed him half of his savings he had been doing since last 2 years.