Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short and Sweet Google Story !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Colonial Hangover !!

Yesterday I was eagerly waiting for champions league match between Barcelona-FC(Spanish League Champion) and FC Rubin-Kazen(Russian League Champion)to be telecasted live on TV.But to my utter shock and disbelief I found Tensports was telecasting live match between Liverpool-Lyon and Zee-Sports was telecasting live match between Arsenal-AZ Alkmaar with no signs of Barcelona's match anywhere.Its not the first time I have seen this happening.

I wondered why TV channels chose to show matches of English clubs on a regular basis sidelining good matches played by Spanish and Italian clubs.Does the popularity of English Clubs in India is because of the 'Colonial Hangover' in spite of the ubiquitous fact that top Spanish league clubs are better than top English clubs.Wonder how by not showing good matches on TV, Telecaster mold viewer-ship by depriving viewers from watching good fought matches played by Spanish and Italian Clubs.

I believe its time viewers have a say in this and if there are not enough sports channels available then they can share telecast right among other sports channels(ESPN-STAR in this case) so that viewers are not deprived of good matches and overall popularity if the game itself soars which will eventually leads to more viewer-ship in near future for these matches.

Hope somebody is listening !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kolkata and Mondormoni Sojourn !!

Well I must confess I have become utterly austere(these days this word is in use a lot) in writing posts in my blog as I have found a new micro-blogging utility in the form of twitter.Some say, "Size does Matter", perhaps it can be used more aptly for its dwarfness in this wired world.I created a rough draft of this post about a fortnight back when I had gone to Kolkata for Durga puja this year.But people you know me would obviously know procrastination and I go hand-in-hand everywhere and it is in my innate nature to delay things till last moments.So on the eve of Diwali I thought of finishing this post once and for all.

I went to Kolkata during Durga Puja this year after a gap of 2 years(a big thing for any Bengali leaving outside Kolkata).My parents thought I had lost touch from my "roots" when I told this year also I would be missing Durga Puja due to leave problems and I am planning to come home during Diwali.But that was not to be as destiny had other plans for me. In a way I also wanted to be in Kolkata this Durga Puja and witness the frenetically mad carnival atmosphere which grips Kolkata for those 5 days every Durga puja that I missed last year.Sadly I reached Kolkata on Navami morning after the long and tiring journey from Chennai in train.I went to our Para-Pandal for Darshan cum Pooja and spent some quality time philosophing over a cigarette with some of my old friends there.Later during the day I was done with few more pandals in and around south Kolkata and went for a sumptuous buffet lunch in Saurav's with my parents.After such a heavy lunch I just laid myself after returning home as I was incapable of moving much for rest of the day.Next day I went for more Pandal hopping in other parts of the city.Later that night I watched "Wake Up Sid" which is kind a must watch if you haven't watched it yet.

The next day I was pretty excited as I was about to go for idol-immersion in Babughat in Ganga shore.I have been to many pandals over the years but this was the first time I was about to go for idol-immersion.We rode on top of a trucks with idols towards Ganga shore dancing and playing Holi in the rain.In a way this was quite a unique experience for me.I somehow felt very much overwhelmed by the goddess while I was on my way there.There was a huge queue of people and organizers waiting in queue with their idols to be immersed.Surprisingly police arrangement by Kolkata Police was very good.After waiting for 2 hours our turn came and we went ahead for immersion.The whole experience left me in complete awe and this surely will be a moment which will go with me for long time to come.

Next day I left for Mandarmani.Mandarmani (or Mandarmoni, Mandarbani) is a beach resort in the Purba Medinipur district in Southern West Bengal.This is one of the very few places with such an enigmatic beauty in Bengal where you will see so less people .Perhaps it was one of the best kept secret of Bengal for tourism.The nearby delta (Mohona) during sunset when fishermen returns from sea looks very beautiful.After spending for two days I returned back to Kolkata.

Next couple of days I started visiting my relatives as I didn't know when I will be seeing them next.I went to my cousin's house who recently were blessed with a baby girl.She was definitely the prettiest thing I saw in months.Hope the Almighty shower his endless love and blessings on the cute angel.

I left Kolkata for Bangalore after spending very memorable days.After coming to Bangalore I was still in Hangover over the time which I spent in Kolkata while feeling quite nostalgic about it.Well like every good things end some good will also begins.I am going to Wayanad , perhaps my only destination left in South India since I came to Bangalore 3 years back, this Diwali for spending some entralling time hitchhiking !!

Julley till I share my Wayanad Experiance !

P.S -> I will upload the snaps asap - Procastination I told you na !